About Trax Art Studios

July 1, 2018 UPDATE:

The physical space for TRAX Art Studios is now CLOSED in Oakland Park, Florida, but Tristina and Heather are available to teach art classes and offer some of the same services our artist friends, students and fans have come to love, just not at our Oakland Park studio. Get in touch with us by filling out our Contact Us Page HERE.


TRAX Art Studios, Inc. was founded in 2016 by Tristina Dietz Elmes and Heather Neiman as a working Artist Studio and Gallery with a twist. Besides using the space to paint for themselves, the TRAX studios are unique in that they offer exceptional gallery receptions with Guest Artistsopen studio time for painters, art parties for those who want to immerse themselves in a relaxing activity with co-workers or friends while enjoying skilled instruction, art classes and longer workshops in subjects such as art journaling / oil painting / mixed media painting / encaustic wax, as well as much needed business services for South Florida artists. 

Business services for artists include the ability to rent the studio space by the hour for project work or as a classroom for up to 12 students for a reasonable rate (with tons of free parking out front) and while-you-wait services including by-appointment artwork photography with light editing and cloud backup, quick one-sided postcard setup with on-site printing, and painting hanger fastening (saw tooth or wire). More services are anticipated soon, such as help with writing Artist Statements, Resumes, and Press Releases, and even fast website and social media setup will add to the convenience for local artists. Ask us for what you need!

What's in a Name? We are often asked, "Where did the name TRAX Art Studios come from?" Well... from our experience quite a few artist studios are located in warehouses and other funky buildings near rail-road tracks. Plus, there is a railroad track right outside our front door! So, TRAX is a play on the word 'tracks'. :-D